J. (xjujux) wrote in real_skin,

I'm Julie. Seven told me to join, so I did.

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so cute! i love that pink headband.
thank you.
and thank you to Claire's for 3 dollar hairpieces.
You joined 'cause i told you to? Hell, if that's all it take you'll be doin' my homework this next year.
algebra, biology, world history, you name it i've done it. ;)
Woot! Easy year for Seven.
a style all your own.
very beautiful.

(I would admit that you would fit RIGHT in with the crowd from "Pretty in Pink.") <--which, is a good thing.
thank you.
I totally admit i'm in the wrong decade.
*laughs* I don't think there is anyone in the right decade. Well, except for preps (and I try not to think about that.) :P