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to start off..

Random photos.. I want to show "more skin" but I'ma have to get more newer pictures for that. But here is an example of my Photography! Enjoy!

And i'm done! ^_^
Oh, and if anyone can tell me how to do a page break-linky thing--where you clicka link to view the full entry..That'd be helpful!
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Just for reference: (stuph goes here too)

That first picture is fooking pretty looking. (If that sentence even made sense.) I really wanted my hair to look like that, but unfortnately, my boyfriend says no, and my body type also says otherwise. But I think it's (and you, sweetie) are gorgeous.
Oh man. I wish could get away with hair color like that. I've always wanted blue hair. Like Rei Ayanami.
you remind me of a hardcore raver. I lubbins j00. Techno makes chelleys soul happy. ♥ Chelle.
i really like your style. sexy!!