Ash (ashlyn_sparklez) wrote in real_skin,

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Lets just say...

<3 anyways. ^_^

Me and Jamesie <3

- So he took a SHIT ton of pictures..Which most of them didn't turn out. The picture of us is the best one out of the bunch. Meh.
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you still have my rainbow belt.

and my power rangers shirt.

AND my show is the rainbow shirt.

bitch. <3 ur PRITTY
I plan on giving you back the rainbow belt
and show is the rainbow shirt.

But can I keep the power rangers shirt?
(To go with my FRUiTS fashion!)
what ho!, i paid a whole $2 for that shirt at goodwill.

sure you can keep it.
Neat pants girly. (*wants a pair*)
So maybe you'll find someone to take better pics of you now.